Crawling guests

Crawling guests


several aquariums with well-fitting lids
insects (caterpillars, grasshoppers, earthworms, etc.)

What should be done:

1. Read a bit about insects, which you intend to bring to the hall.

2. Let the children help decorate and equip aquariums for individual insects. Example, earthworms need loose soil, organic waste from food and occasional light rain”. They also need to be kept away from sunlight. The aquarium can be decorated with a few small plants and pebbles.

3. Introduce children to the individual insects. Explain to the little ones, what these insects eat, and whether they change form (e.g.. caterpillars turn into butterflies, and the mealworm larvae into beetles).

4. Encourage children to observe the insects daily.

5. Keep insects all month long, to be able to observe changes,

6. After observing, release the insects in their proper habitats.



Materials: lack

What should be done;

1. Say the following rhyme, by making the gestures described:

"Let's go to sleep, let's go to sleep”, the caterpillar said (wave your index finger)

And she cocooned the whole body tightly, (wrap your index finger with your other fingers)

When she wakes up from sleep, everyone will be delighted, (nod your head)

Seeing how it rises boldly under the sky, (clasp the thumbs of both hands and imitate the butterfly)

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Crush a piece of tissue paper, so that it resembles the shape of a butterfly. Add the antennae of the pipe cleaner.