Bucket of snowballs – Penguin fun

Bucket of snowballs


large bucket or other watertight container
smaller bucket

What should be done:

1. Knead a snowball and put it in a large bucket. Then ask the children, to try to guess, how many snowballs do you need to fill the bucket.

2. Put more snowballs in the bucket together, counting them out loud.

3. Repeat this with a small bucket.

4. Ask the children, why the first bucket holds more snowballs than the second. Talk about the children's responses.

5. You can also fill the bucket with very large ones, and then very little snowballs. Ask the little ones, to explain, why in the latter case, much more snowballs can fit in the bucket.

Penguin fun


binder with pockets
photos of penguins cut from magazines or found on the Internet
cardboard sheets approx 30 x 45 cm
glue stick
laminating device

What should be done:

1. Make a header card out of cardboard and place it in the top row of pockets in a binder. Write the name of the game and the command on it: "Solve the actions on the penguin cards and put them under the correct results”.

2. Place a picture of a penguin with a number on the left side of the binder 9, and on the right a picture of a penguin with a number 10, creating two columns.

3. Make a set of cardboard penguin cards. Leave space on their tummies for math operations to be entered.

4. On the half of the cards, write down the actions, which the result is 9, and on the other half of the action, which the result is 10.

5. if you want to, make a briefcase from the cardboard sheets, in which you hide individual elements.

6. if it's possible, use the color scanner to make a reduced print of the resolved task, showing penguins placed under the right results.

7. Stick the color print on the back of the briefcase.

8. Laminate and cut the header card, cards with penguins and a briefcase.

9. Show the children one of the cards. Ask a volunteer to look at the equation and provide an answer.

10. Place the card in the binder under the correct result.

11. Keep having fun, until all the cards are in the right places.

12. Place the binder in an easily accessible place, so that children can come back to it and repeat their actions. The little ones can compare their work with the printed solution on the back of the briefcase. (When are you packing cards at the end of the month, you will be able to make sure, that none of them died).