Imprint of a plasticine snowman

Imprint of a plasticine snowman



blackboard or paper
chalk or felt-tip pen
blue paper
White, Orange, black and brown paint

What should be done:

1. Porozmawiaj z dziećmi o takich pojęciach jak mały, medium and large. Show the children sets of items, which can be defined by these features, for example, a small ball or a block, a medium ball or a block and a large ball or a block.

2. Narysuj na tablicy lub papierze bałwanka. Talk to the children about the size of each snowball, that make it up.

3. Rozdaj dzieciom arkusze niebieskiego papieru, plasticine and white paint. Encourage the little ones to make three different-sized balls of plasticine.

4. Show the kids, how can you dip plasticine balls in white paint and create an imprint of a snowman on the paper (big ball at the bottom, medium in the middle and small at the top). Children should start at the bottom of the sheet and move upwards.

5. Daj dzieciom pomarańczową, black and brown paint, so they can add details, such as a carrot nose, hands made of twigs, hat and eyes.

6. if you want, put white dots on the sheet – snow falling on the snowman.