Underwater – Garlandy



thick drawing paper
watercolor paints
watercolor brushes
glasses of water
paper towels and sponges

What should be done:

1. Encourage children to draw an underwater scene with the wax crayons. Ask the children, that they press the crayons firmly to the paper.

2. Let the little ones soak the brushes in water and squeeze one drop for each paint, which they will use.

3. Let the children mix the water with the paint.

4. Show malcom, how to soak sheets with sponges. When the paper is still wet, color the sheets blue, using wide horizontal brush strokes.

5. When the paint dries, the picture will look like an underwater scene.



drawings and photos of Hawaiian flower garlands
green cardboard
pieces of polystyrene (used for packing)
plastic needles
tree branch
empty coffee can

What should be done:

1. Show the children pictures of people wearing flower garlands. Explain, that these ornaments are a symbol of love, greetings, honor and joy.

2. Give the children pieces of polystyrene and green cardboard strips.

3. Help the children thread alternating polystyrene and cardboard strips on the thread, forming a garland.

4. Place the branch in a coffee can half filled with sand.

Hang garlands on individual smaller twigs.