Rainy images

Rainy images


paints and brushes
sprayer with water (set to a fine mist)

What should be done:

1. If possible, put the easel near the window, where the children will be able to look outside.

2. Ask each of the little ones to paint a landscape, showing the sky

and the ground. Let there be trees in the pictures, grass, flowers and other landscape elements.

3. Hold on, until the paint is dry. Before taking the next step, explain to the children, that they will add 'rain”, completely changing their appearance.

4. Place successive toddlers on a chair or a stable stool and ask them to lightly sprinkle water on the top of the paintings and observe, how the droplets run down the sheet.

5. Let the children sprinkle water on the pictures, as long as they enjoy it, even if it means washing off the paint completely.

Catching a raindrop


white paper
blue paint

What should be done:

1. Give each child a sheet of white sized paper 20 x 25 cm. Ask the little ones to paint the sheets a dark blue color.

Set the painted sheets aside.

2. On a rainy day, go outside and catch the raindrops on the sheets. (This works best in light rain).

3. Place the sheets on a flat surface and wait, until they are dry.

4. Talk about it, what happened. Pay attention to this, how the raindrops changed the color of the paint on the paper.