Round ornaments

Round ornaments


clear plastic lid from the yogurt box (diameter approx 8 cm)
old christmas card
red or green cardboard
white glue
gold thread or glitter yarn

What should be done:

1. Christmas falls on December 25.

2. Wash the lids off the yogurt box.

3. Draw a circle on the cardboard with a diameter of approx 7 cm and cut it.

4. Help the children follow the next steps to make their own decorations.

5. Draw a circle on the Christmas card, selecting a picture, what you want to put on the decoration.

6. Cut the drawn circle.

7. Cut a circle of approx 8,5 cm.

8. Stick a Christmas picture in the center of the colored cardboard circle.

9. Stick a cardboard circle on the inside of the yogurt lid, so that the picture is visible through the plastic.

10. Stick the glitter on the outside of the lid.

11. Stick a golden thread or yarn on the back of the ornament, to be able to suspend it.