Heart art

Heart art


pink, red, purple and blue cardboard
glass balls
shallow containers
White, pink, blue, purple and red paint
heavy-duty metal cake molds approx 20 cm
damp paper towels spoons (optional)

What should be done:

1. We celebrate Valentine's Day 14 February.

2. Cut from pink, red, a purple and blue heart carton about a size of approx 20 cm.

3. Ask the children, so that they put the cut hearts into the metal molds. Let them choose a paint color, where they want to start.

4. Ask the children, to throw the glass marbles into the paint, they picked them up with a spoon or with their fingers, then placed in metal molds. Show malcom, how to move the form, so that the ball rolls over the cardboard heart, leaving colorful traces.

5. When the paint on the ball is wiped off, ask the children, so that they choose the next color and repeat the process.

What else can be done:

Blocks: Complete the collection of bricks with glass balls, which children will be able to roll over constructed ramps and through tunnels.

Games: Have fun looking for the balls hidden in different places in the room. maths: Put a different number of marbles in the jar each day and keep the kids guessing, how many there are.