Snow prints

Snow prints


white and blue tempera paint
shallow containers
light blue, gray and black cardboard approx 30 x 45 cm
snowflake cookie cutters of various sizes and designs
silver, white and blue glitter

What should be done:

1. Before class, pour white paint into shallow containers. Add a little blue paint to one of them, creating a light bluish tinge.

2. Cover the tables with newspapers and help the children put on their aprons.

3. Show malcom, how to soak the edges of the mold in the paint and stick it to the paper several times, creating even and clear prints.

4. Encourage children to choose from a variety of cardboard and paint colors and shapes.

5. Sprinkle the patterns with glitter, while the paint is still wet.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Encourage children to make snowmen out of plasticine or modeling clay.

More visuals: Cut snowflakes out of white paper and decorate the room with them. Song: Sing the following song together, spinning like falling snowflakes:

I am a snowflake, they are about to land,
They'll fall under your collar, will chill you behind your ear.
Just look at me, how beautifully they spin
And I cover the earth with a soft white fluff.