thin white sheet
colored cardboard squares, slightly larger than the desired size of the petals

What should be done:

1. Here's an interesting one, memory-training matching and sorting, intended for older preschoolers. Fold a piece of paper, getting two sheets. Cut out the shape of a snowflake, cutting both sheets, so as to get two identical petals.

2. Cut a few more pairs of petals, making each subsequent pair a little different from the last.

3. Stick the petals onto colorful cardboard squares.

4. Ask the children to sort the petals and make matching pairs. Let the little ones talk about the similarities and differences between the different patterns.

5. Play memory games with the petal cards. Have the children turn over two cards in turn, trying to find an identical pair.

If the two face up cards do not match, the child covers them back. If they are the same, the child keeps them. Keep playing until all cards have been matched.

What else can be done:

Use this game as part of a series of games dedicated to winter or snow. Science: Talk to the children about it, how snowflakes are made. Show the little ones the enlarged photos of real petals.

maths: Play other matching games.