Pressed leaves – Spring hanging ornament

Pressed leaves

fresh flowers
a flower press or a couple of heavy books
wax paper

What should be done:

1. Pick flowers while you walk. You can also ask the children to bring flowers from home. (Be careful, so as not to pick flowers from private areas).

2. Put the flowers in a press or wrap them with wax paper and crush them with a few heavy books.

3. After a few weeks, take out the pressed flowers.

4. Make decorative bookmarks, by ironing the flowers into strips of waxed paper or laminating them together with a piece of colored paper.

5. You can also make cards for Mother's Day from these flowers.

Spring hanging ornament


a collection of items found on a walk

What should be done:

1. Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood.

2. Ask the little ones, that they take one found item with them to the building, for example, a pebble, pine cone, acorn or feather.

3. After returning to the room, check the items that you brought.

4. Use them to build a hanging ornament, tying individual items with a string and hanging them under a long stick.

5. Hang the finished ornament in a clearly visible place.