Spring bingo

Spring bingo

white cardboard
paper cutter
black felt-tip pen
stickers with various spring pictures

What should be done:

1. Cut the cardboard into eight squares with a side length 20 cm, which you will use as bingo boards.

2. On top of each board, draw a grid of sixteen squares with a side length 5 cm.

3. Cut out of cardboard 48 squares with side length 5 cm.

4. Place a sticker with a spring theme on each of these squares. Place the identical stickers on the game boards, on each of them in a different layout.

5. Cover all boards in this way.

6. Cut square bingo chips with a side length from the colored cardboard 2 cm.

7. Shuffle the pictures in the plastic bag. Pick one of them and show it to the children.

8. If any of the players has the picture, places the tile on the board.

9. When a given child covers the entire row of pictures, calls out "bingo”.

What else can be done:

Also use stickers with pictures that refer to a different season or event, for example summer or Christmas, so you can play this game all year round.