Spring kindergarten book

Spring kindergarten book


children's books about spring
large chicken outline on paper or pencil
glue stick scissors
colored felt-tip pens and crayons
laminating device
a sheet with a size of approx 20 x 35 cm
punch and yarn

What should be done:

1. Read a few books about spring and talk about its signs. Make your own preschool spring book.

2. Sketch or glue the outline of the chicken figure on two pieces of cardboard (size approx 20 x 35 cm).

3. Cut out these outlines, creating the front and back covers.

4. Use the felt-tip pens to color the chicken yellow, and its beak and legs orange.

5. Laminate and cut covers.

6. Write on small strips of paper: “In spring, I like it the most, that …………………………………..”.

7. Have each of the children dictate their answer or write it down on their own.

8. Count off one sheet of sizes 20 x 35 cm for each of the children, then cut the sheets to the shape of the covers.

9. Attach a strip with the completed sentence at the bottom of each page.

10. Above, have the children draw pictures of their statements with crayons.

11. Gather all the pages together and bind them between the covers, using a binding device or punch and yarn.