A standing autumn decorative tree

A standing autumn decorative tree
a small branch with small twigs (one for each of the children)
yoghurt containers (clean and empty)
white glue
green tempera paint

What should be done:

1. Każdemu dziecku znajdź gałązkę o grubości około 0,6 cm and length 30 cm.

2. Ask the children, to tear the crepe paper into small multi-colored pieces, which they will use as fall leaves.

3. Poustawiaj pojemniki po jogurtach denkiem do góry i wykonaj na środku każdego denka nacięcia w kształcie litery „X”. Give the children one container. If it is necessary, stabilize the containers with plasticine.

4. Zmieszaj klej z zieloną farbą. Let the children paint their containers. Hold on, until the paint is dry.

5. Przytnij każdą z gałązek, giving it the shape of a tree.

6. Help the children stick twigs into the notches on the bottom of the containers, so that they stand by themselves.

7. Let the little ones place dots of glue over the entire surface of the twigs, and then attach pieces of crepe paper to them, forming leaves.

What else can be done:

maths: Show the children the leaves of different trees (maple, oak, elm, plum trees etc.). Encourage the little ones to match the leaves according to shape.

More math: Cut out of felt and indeed of various shapes. Use them for simple addition and subtraction tasks.