The old bear is fast asleep

The old bear is fast asleep


large cardboard box

What should be done:

1. Put the children in a circle. Place a large cardboard box in the center.

2. Choose a child, which will become a "bear”. The bear enters the box and covers himself with a blanket.

3. The other children are walking around, singing:

The old bear is fast asleep,

The old bear is fast asleep.

We are afraid of him,

We tiptoe,

How will she wake up, it will eat us.

First hour – the bear is sleeping!

Two o'clock – the bear snores!

Three o'clock – the bear is catching!

4. At this point, "bear” pops out of the box, stretches and starts chasing the other little ones.

5. Choose another child, which will become a bear, and repeat the fun. Have fun like this for a while, until each of the little ones has the opportunity to play this role.


Sleep sweetly, teddy bears!


refrigerator box (or any other very large box)
gray and brown poster paint

What should be done:

1. Talk to the children about animals, which hibernate.
Many species of fish do this, amphibians and reptiles. These creatures lower their body temperature almost to the point of freezing. Bears do not belong to this group, because during hibernation their body temperature drops only slightly and they are easily awakened.

2. Explain to the children, that in winter bears sleep in their lairs, called gawrami.

3. Cut the entrance in the refrigerator box. Ask the little ones, to paint the outside of the box, making them look like a bear's cave.

4. Line the inside of the 'lair” pillows.

5. Encourage the children to rest in the 'talk”.