Stuff, which fit together

Stuff, which fit together


pictures of matching objects
computer and printer
a pumpkin drawn on a computer
paper cutter
glue stick
self-adhesive foil or laminate
binder with pockets

What should be done:

1. Collect colorful pictures of matching objects: raindrops and umbrella, witch and pointy hat, car and child seat, horse and saddle, stars and moon, table and chair, cup and saucer, right and left gloves, money and ATM, school bus and school, paper and pencil, pumpkin and pumpkin lantern, e.t.c.

2. Print the desired number of pumpkins drawn on the computer on the cardboard.

3. Reverse the computer drawing like this, so that the stalk of the pumpkin is facing in the opposite direction.

4. Print the same number of inverted pictures on the cardstock.

5. Cut both sets of drawings with a paper cutter, creating cards of the selected size.

6. Stick pairs of matching pictures onto the cardboard cards, in this way, that each pair is divided between two cards showing pumpkins facing opposite sides. Laminate the cards.

7. While playing in a group, give the children all the pumpkin cards with their stems pointing in one direction.

8. Place the remaining cards in a binder, in separate pockets.

9. Encourage the children to match their cards with those in the binder. If you don't have a binder, perform this exercise on a table or mat on the floor.