Remarkable corn

Remarkable corn


corn cobs
brown paper bags

What should be done:

1. Przynieś do klasy kukurydzę w kolbach. Ask the children to help you remove the scales.

2. Pomóż dzieciom zapisać swoje imiona na papierowych torebkach.

3. Umieść po jednej kolbie kukurydzy w każdej z torebek. Close the bags, wrapping them with the open edge.

4. Włóż jedną torebkę do kuchenki mikrofalowej. Heat for three minutes. Do not leave the oven unattended.

5. Wyjmij torebkę z kuchenki. The corn should be roasted, thanks to which children will be able to eat popcorn straight from the flask.


Open me up


can opener
egg beater
shell nuts (peanuts, Italian etc.)
citrus (oranges, grapefruits, tangerines)
fork spoon

What should be done:

1. Połóż na stole narzędzia, kitchen utensils, fruit and nuts.

2. Niech każde z dzieci wybierze po jednym orzechu.

Caution: Check it out, whether the little ones are allergic to nuts. If at least one of the children is allergic to them, replace the nuts with the pictures depicting them.

3. Spytaj każde z dzieci, which tools and utensils lying on the table can be used to crack a nut or fruit peel and eat their content.

4. Porozmawiajcie o innych sposobach otwierania orzechów i owoców.

5. Ask the children, to try to use a variety of utensils and tools to peel nuts and fruits. Supervise these trials and help the little ones if necessary.

6. Zjedzcie rezultaty swojej pracy!