old magazines or felt-tip pens
pieces of cardboard approx 30 x 45 cm
laminating device
binder with pockets

What should be done:

1. This is a great way to practice your rhyming skills.

2. Draw or stick an image of a snowman with a hat blown by the wind on the cardboard. Under the picture, write down the title of the cutscene: "Up!” and command: Match the pairs of rhyming words together, words found on the wall”.

3. Cut or draw colorful pictures, depicting pairs of rhyming words, for example "fence” and "cat”, "edge” and "snow” e.t.c.

4. Crop the pictures to the size of the cards.

5. If you want, make a shirt for cards, bending in half a piece of cardboard of the size 30 x 45 cm.

6. Laminate the picture with the snowman, cards and t-shirt.

7. Have the children sit in front of the binder with pockets.

8. Give each child one card, keeping their rhyming counterparts to themselves.

9. In the upper row of the binder pockets, place a picture of a snowman.

10. Place the saved cards in the binder pockets, leaving spaces between them.

11. Encourage children to put their pictures in the appropriate binder pockets and create rhyming pairs.