Weather window composition

Weather window composition


transparent adhesive sheet
adhesive tape
colored tissue paper or other collage materials

What should be done:

1. Carry out this fun on a day marked by intense atmospheric phenomena: strong wind, rain, storm or snow.

2. Explain to the little ones, that they will watch the weather and create an artistic project at the same time.

3. Using adhesive tape, attach a large transparent adhesive sheet to the largest, easily accessible window, sticky side towards children.

4. Give the little ones some collage materials. if the children feel like it, they can prepare them themselves.

5. Encourage children to attach differently colored materials to the adhesive sheet.

6. At the same time, admire the weather outside the window and the creation of the work!

7. Let the children take home fragments of the created composition.

What else can be done:
The senses: Talk to the children about it, what senses are engaged in this game.