What is missing? – I have an embroidered handkerchief

What is missing?



elements of kindergarten equipment, which can be hidden

What should be done:

1. Połóż na środku sali trzy do pięciu przedmiotów.

2. Kolejno wskaż każdy z przedmiotów i podaj jego nazwę.

3. Ask the children, to blindfold their eyes.

4. Schowaj za plecami jeden z przedmiotów.

5. Spytaj dzieci o nazwę przedmiotu, which is missing, if necessary, giving tips to the little ones.

6. Poproś jedno z dzieci, to put the item back in the right place in the room.

What else can be done:

Morning welcome: At the beginning of each day, place the children in a circle and give the names of the absent kids together.

I have an embroidered handkerchief


colorful handkerchief

What should be done:

1. To świetna zabawa na rozpoczęcie nowego roku w przedszkolu, permitting, that every child be chosen someone's friend.

2. Posadź dzieci na podłodze w kółeczku. Choose one baby, who will walk around sitting colleagues, holding a handkerchief in his hand.

3. Ask the children, to sing:

I have an embroidered handkerchief,

Which has four corners,

Who i love, who they like,

They will throw him at his feet,

I love it, they like it, they will kiss it,

And they will give you an embroidered handkerchief.

4. Dziecko chodzące wokół kółeczka zatrzymuje się i rzuca chusteczkę pod nogi innemu malcowi.

5. Wybrane dziecko podnosi chusteczkę, begins to walk around and tosses the scarf at the feet of another baby. Take care of it, so that eventually each child will be chosen.

What else can be done:

Use a different item instead of a handkerchief, changing the lyrics accordingly. You can adjust the item to the season or holiday being celebrated.