What is the weather today?

What is the weather today?


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Recite the following rhyme with the children:

What is the weather? what is the weather?

What is the weather today?

tell us,_(say the baby's name)

what is the weather today?

Is there a fog?

Are there clouds?

Or is it sunny??

Is it raining?

Is there snow??

Whether it is calm or windy?

2. Po wyrecytowaniu wierszyka, choose one child (or ask for help on duty), call them "court meteorologist” and recommend him, to look out the window and tell the rest of the group, what is the weather.

What else can be done:

Group classes: "Nadworny meteorologist” every day he can place symbols corresponding to a given weather in a specially prepared table or on a wall calendar.