Pail and shovel

Pail and shovel


white cardboard
cup with a spout
clean sand
stiff, shallow box
watercolor paints and brushes
white glue

What should be done:

1. Draw a bucket and a spatula on the white cardboard, then cut them out.

Make one such set for each of the children.

2. Give each of the children a length of yarn 25 cm.

3. Put some sand in the spout cup. Place a shallow box nearby.

4. Encourage children to decorate their cardboard buckets and spatulas with crayons.

5. Let the little ones paint the buckets and paddles with watercolor paints, creating patterns in the colors of the rainbow on the buckets.

6. Ask the children, so that they cover the center of the cardboard buckets with white glue.

7. Help the little ones pour sand onto the cardboard that's smeared with glue (do it over a rigid box).

8. Have the children, using a piece of yarn, tie a cardboard spatula to the handle of each bucket.