Evening for Dad

Evening for Dad


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Encourage children, that they would bring their fathers to kindergarten for a special “Evening for Dad”.

2. Before that, ask the little ones, that they tell something about their fathers. Suggest some topics, e.g:

• My dad (uncle, grandfather, stepfather etc.) doing the best…
• I love, when my dad…
• My dad and I play games…

3. Ask the children to draw portraits of their fathers.

4. Hang the written stories of the kids and the portraits made in various places in the room, for the fathers to see them. This way they will find out, what their children do in kindergarten.

5. Start a typical preschool day. Encourage fathers, that they participate in exercises and games with their children.

6. Do the class in a group, make an art project (for example, a father and a child painting a picture together), an exercise involving the senses and a short musical exercise.

7. Take lots of photos throughout the evening.

8. Help each of the little ones to create a book illustrated with photos, describing the events of the evening and send this book to children's homes as a gift for parents.