"Stained glass” with a starfish

"Stained glass” with a starfish

liquid starch
small containers
wax paper
blotting paper (Red, Brown, Orange, yellow and purple)
black cardboard approx 22 x 30 cm
starfish-shaped cardboard templates (with a diameter of approximately 18 cm)
large paper clips

What should be done:

1. Talk to the children about starfish. Show the little ones pictures of these creatures.

2. Put the newspapers on the table tops and pour the starch into small containers. Cut the wax paper into squares with a side length 20 cm,

and colored blotting paper into squares with a side length 2,5 cm.

3. Give each of the children a square of wax paper. Show malcom, how to starch half a square, and then cover it with squares cut from different colored tissue paper.

4. Encourage children to decorate all the squares this way.

Let the colored squares overlap each other.

5. Then do the same for the other halves of the waxed paper squares.

6. When you have used up all the squares of colored tissue paper, smear the entire surface of the squares with starch, to additionally fix the tissue paper.

7. While the blotting paper is drying, give each child two pieces of black cardboard, connected with a paper clip.

8. Show children, how to draw the outline of a starfish on a black cardboard using a yellow wax crayon.

9. Using scissors, make a small hole in the black cardboard and cut out the outline of a starfish from both sheets, leaving only the border.

10. Give the children back the decorated squares. Show malcom, how to slip them between two sheets of black cardboard and position it like that, so that the colored blotting paper is visible through the cut outline of the starfish.

11. Help the kids glue or staple all three layers together, making sure, that the decorated wax paper does not move.

12. Place the finished starfish on the glass, so that sunlight would illuminate them like stained glass.

What else can be done:

Group classes: Compare the starfish you make with the images of different stars, for example, the star of Bethlehem, Stars of David, stars on the American flag, etc..

Snack: Cut stars out of a watermelon or other fruit.