Water from the pond – Sorting flowers

Water from the pond


magnifying glasses
tap water or distilled water

What should be done:

1. Take your children to the pond. Take the water jars with you.

2. After examining the vicinity of the pond, go back to the classroom and compare the water you brought with your tap or distilled water.

3. Ask the kids: “Do they look different?”, “Do they smell different?”.

Caution: Don't let the kids try the pond water! You may end up seriously ill!

4. Encourage the children to look at the water under a magnifying glass.

Sorting flowers

live or artificial flowers
drawing paper
pencil crayons
atlas of flowers (optional)

What should be done:

1. Take a walk, to collect wild flowers, or use artificial flowers.

2. If you want, show the children the atlas of flowers and explain, how flowers are sorted.

3. Let the little ones sort the flowers by color, leaf shape and size. Talk about the similarities and differences between individual flowers.

4. Count the petals for each flower species and sort them according to this criterion. Tell the children, that scientists recognize different flowers by color, leaf shape and number of petals.

5. Have the children draw flowers with pencils.

What else can be done:

maths: Make a table sorting out the flower species.