Weather chart

Weather chart


a large piece of cardboard
tailor's meter

What should be done:

1. Using a pen and a tape measure, draw six columns on a piece of cardboard.

2. Divide the columns into squares approx 5 cm.

3. Sign the columns: rain, snow, fog, wind, sun and clouds. On the left side of the table, write down the names of the days of the week and / or dates.

4. Hang the table near the window.

5. Choose a child each day, which will look out the window and color the appropriate square or several squares in the correct row of the table.

6. Check the table every day, counting, how many days were there with each weather condition. By describing the contents of the table to the children, use words like: more, less, higher, lower, you / e the same etc..

7. Hang a new table on the wall every month.

8. Keep the tables for the following months, to then be able to compare them and indicate the most rainy or sunny months.