Fun in the snow

Fun in the snow


newspapers, at least 20 sheets for each of the children
wet wipes or soap and water

What should be done:

1. Niech dzieci staną w dwóch szeregach naprzeciwko siebie.

2. Rozłóż gazety i połóż odpowiednio dużą stertę przed każdym z malców.

3. Tell the children, that the newspaper is their pile of 'snow”, from which they will make snowballs.

4. Dziecko zgniata jeden arkusz, creating a "snowball”, then throws it towards the other row of little ones. It certainly won't happen without a lot of chuckles.

5. Kiedy na środku sali urośnie sterta „śnieżek”, ask more children, so that they appear on newspapers and make an "eagle”, waving his arms and legs. if it's required, flip a pile of papers.

6. Jeśli starta „śniegu” will be big enough, little ones will be able to dig through it, make tunnels or build walls.

7. Kiedy skończycie zabawę, have the children collect the newspapers and put them in a waste paper bag.

Caution: make sure, that the children would wash the ink marks from their hands. Warn the little ones, so that they do not put their hands in their mouths or touch their face until then.

What else can be done:
Science: Think about it, why the unfolded sheet does not fly as well as a paper ball.