Take me to the game

Take me to the game


photos of ice cream and peanuts cut from magazines
paper plates
ice cream sticks

What should be done:

1. Teach the children the following song:

This, take me to the game,

There where the people are crowded.

Buy me ice cream and peanuts,

I might not come back here anymore.

Let me cheer on,

To give the team strength.

Will we win, will we lose,

Important, for me to be there!

2. Ask your parents, to help children find and cut out pictures of ice cream and peanuts. (They can do it at home or in kindergarten).

3. Let the little ones stick pictures on paper plates. Attach an ice cream stick to each of the plates.

4. Sing the song again. Show children, how they can wave their plates on their sticks while singing the words "Buy me ice cream and peanuts”.

5. Encourage parents to sing together.

What else can be done:

Snack: Invite parents, to help them prepare, serve and eat ice cream and peanuts.

Caution: Check, that none of the children are allergic to nuts. If anyone has this allergy, limit yourself to serving ice cream.