Bookmarks for Father's Day

Bookmarks for Father's Day


coloured cardboard
various stickers
small pictures cut from postcards
glue stick
felt-tip pens and crayons
transparent adhesive sheet

What should be done:

1. Cut out rectangles the size of bookmarks from the cardboard. Hand out these bookmarks to the kids, as well as scissors, stickers, small pictures, glue sticks and felt-tip pens.

2. Let the children decorate the bookmarks, using the available materials.

3. When the little ones are done, help them cover the tabs with pieces of transparent adhesive sheet, which will keep the ornaments in place.

4. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner of each tab, so that the children can put the tassel there.

5. Help the kids make fringes, by joining several pieces of yarn and tying them in a knot at one end. Then, tie the tassels through the holes in the folds.

6. Have the children take the pre-made tabs home and hand them to their fathers (or other important carers) on the occasion of Father's Day.