Two little bunnies

Two little bunnies


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Have the children raise both hands and straighten their index and middle fingers, getting the shapes of rabbit heads.

2. Encourage the little ones to recite the following poem and make the gestures described:

Two little bunnies came out on the porch, (Raise both hands with your index and middle fingers stretched)

One was called Zosia, ("Left” the bunny bows)

And others – Franek, ("right” the bunny bows)

Jump down, Sophie! (put your left hand behind your back)

Jump down, Frank! (put your right hand behind your back)

And the bunnies don't sit on the porch anymore, (shake your head sadly)

Come back, Sophie! (remove your left hand from behind your back)

Come back, Frank! (take your right hand out from behind the stoves)

The two little bunnies are sitting on the porch again, (smile)

What else can be done:

Draw the bunny's face on the back of each child's hand, using non-allergenic face paint.

Learning to read: Explain to children, what is "porch”.

Science: Talk about rabbit burrows and that, how rabbits live. Explain to the children the difference between rabbits and hares.