Hawaiian skirts

Hawaiian skirts


green cardboard

What should be done:

1. Fold the edge of the green cardboard into a piece of yarn, creating a headband.

2. In distance 15 cm from the edge, draw a line, for which you will not cut the cardboard.

3. Encourage your child to cut the sheet into thin strips. Let the cuts come to the drawn line.

4. Wrap the baby around the waist with the skirt made and tie the yarn ends together. The skirt should look more like an apron, so it won't tear at the rear, when the baby sits down.

5. Encourage the little ones to dance to the Hawaiian music.



Once upon a time I had a seagull


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Wyrecytuj z dziećmi następujący wierszyk:

Once upon a time I had a seagull, (stretch your arms out to your sides)

What she flew and flew and flew, (wave your arms slowly)

Until she found a piece of wood, (point your fingers at your eyes)

Where she finally stopped, (make a gesture that imitates landing; nod)