I am a little button – Jumping on the bed

I am a little button


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Sing the following song to the children, by making the gestures described:

I am a little button, (Arrange your hands in a circle)

Round and smooth, (make a movement with your hands, as if you were smoothing a circle)

They are rolling downhill, (point your finger down)

For the carpet from the drawer, (crouch and touch the floor)

When you pick me up, (straighten up)

I'm hiding in your fist. (clench your fist)

Put me in your pocket (place your finger inside the other hand)

And squeeze for good luck, (get around with your hands)

Jumping on the bed


five monkeys (plush mascots, plastic figures, photos or drawings)

What should be done:

1. Recite the following rhyme with the children and encourage them to act on it.

2. Show the little ones the five monkeys. Saying a rhyme, hide more animals.

Five little monkeys were jumping on the table,

Suddenly one fell with a bang, a bump on the forehead grows! (put your hand on your head)

Mom is calling the doctor, (put your hand to your ear like a telephone receiver)

Doctor małpką gani:

"No more games like this, my dear lady”, (shake your index finger)

3. Repeat this rhyme for a while, until there are no more monkeys left in your hand.