Fabric beads

Fabric beads


pieces of muslin (width 2,5-5 cm; length 20-25 cm)
acrylic paints
damp sponges
thread or yarn

What should be done:

1. Give each of the kids a belt of muslin.

2. Let the little ones soak the sponges in the paint and paint the resulting material.

3. Wait, until the paint is dry.

4. Ask the children, to coat the strips of fabric with glue, omitting about 2 cm on one edge.

5. Give each of the children a straw. Show malcom, how to place a straw on the non-sticky end of the strip.

6. Help the kids get started, wrapping the unglued end of the strip around the straw.

7. Help the little ones keep wrapping the straw with the strip of muslin, forming a "bead”. When you are done, wait, until the glue dries.

8. Each of the children can make one or more beads.

9. When the material is dry, slide the bead off the straw. (It's nothing hard, if you started winding the fabric from the end with no adhesive on it).

10. Help the children thread the beads onto a piece of yarn or thread. Tie its ends, creating a necklace.