Dance of snowflakes

Dance of snowflakes.


recordings, which are associated with images of falling snow (e.g.. miniatura „The Snow Is Dancing” Claude Debussy)

What should be done:

1. Explain to children, that snow is rising, when tiny droplets of water in the clouds combine with salt or dust particles and freeze, forming ice crystals. These crystals stick to other crystals, creating clusters, which are made of snowflakes falling from the sky. The prettiest of them are in the shape of six-pointed stars.

2. Encourage children to pretend, that they are ice crystals in the clouds.

3. Turn on music that evokes associations with snow.

4. Ask the children, to dance around the hall, stretching out your arms and spreading your legs - making star-shaped crystals. (Show them to the little ones, how to do it).

5. When two little ones touch, they should hold hands, creating clusters of crystals.

6. Dancing snowflakes” they sink slowly to the floor like snow falling from the sky.

Winter camping.


one or more tents
sleeping bags
one backpack for each tent cooking pieces of wood

What should be done:

1. Set up tents in front of the building.

2. Place two flashlights in each tent, two sleeping bags and a backpack filled with cooking utensils.

3. Invite the children outside during the break, to play camping.

4. Using pieces of wood, build a "fire”. Sit around it and sing tourist songs.

5. Do this fun also in summer and compare it with winter camping (pay attention to the influence of temperature).