Water throwing

Water throwing


foil bags with hermetic closure
large bucket of water

What should be done:

1. It's great fun on a hot day, when children wear bathing suits and have easy access to dry clothes for a change.

2. Fill the bags with water, immersing them in the bucket and closing them.

(Caution: It is an excellent alternative in the case of games with the use of balloons filled with water, because the bags are much easier to fill and seal, and besides, they can usually be used multiple times. The bags can also be filled over the sink, but the bucket allows for a more efficient refilling).

3. Divide the children into pairs. Partners should face each other at a distance of approximately 60 cm.

4. Each pair tosses a bag of water between them. The task is to throw the purse gently and carefully, lest it burst or fall. Children can count on successful throws aloud.

5. Refill or change bags as often, as necessary. Couples, who manage to throw bags a short distance, over time, they may move away from each other more and more, to develop skills.

What else can be done:

You can also play the same game with wet sponges.