Water relay

Water relay


bathing suits or a change of clothes
after 2 identical buckets for each group of competitors
wearable felt-tip pen
Cans (one for each child)
large sponge (one for each group)

What should be done:

1. Dress the kids appropriately for playing with the water. Explain to the little ones, that they will play in two water relay (Water Brigade and Sponge Squeezing). Each relay can take the form of cooperation, with up to ten players standing in a row, as well as the rivalry of separate teams.

2. Play Water Brigade. Fill the bucket with water and mark its level outside. Give each of the children an empty cup.

3. Place a full bucket on one side of the children's row, and on the other hand, put an empty bucket.

4. Call out, "Ready, start!”, by giving the signal to the first competitor, to take water from the bucket and pour the contents of his cup into the cup of the child standing next to it. This child pours water into the next person's cup, etc..

5. The last competitor pours water from his cup into an empty bucket.

6. Shout "Hurray!”, when the first bucket is empty.

7. Mark the water level in the second bucket. Put both buckets together and compare the height of the lines.

8. Now play Squeezing the Sponge. Fill the bucket with water and mark its level outside. Place this bucket on one side of the row of children, and on the other hand, put an empty bucket.

9. Give the first child a dry sponge and say, “Ready, start!”.

10. At this signal, the child soaks the sponge in the bucket and gives it to the next baby. The sponge travels along the entire row.

11. When the sponge reaches the last contestant, this squeezes it exactly into an empty bucket, then it runs to the beginning of the row. He soaks a sponge in water and passes it on.

12. Zabawa trwa do chwili, until the first bucket is completely empty. Summarize the fun as well as the first variant.