Feeling the seasons

Feeling the seasons


felt-tip pens
drawing paper
thermometer for measuring the temperature inside and outside the building

What should be done:

1. Talk to your children about it, the importance of our senses in recognizing the seasons.

2. Ask the children, to tell them, how they sense the onset of winter. Little ones can mention feeling cold, the smell of wood burning in the fireplace or the sound of creaking snow.

3. Encourage children, to tell them, how their families prepare for each season. (You can send letters to parents, asking them to help their children in this task). Write down the puppies' answers.

4. Ask the children, to write or draw, what they like this time of the year.

5. On the first day of the new season, take note of the outside and room temperatures. Compare the records for the first days of all four seasons.

6. if possible, take walks with the children during each season and ask the little ones to point out the differences. Encourage them to follow their senses.