Madness in the pet store

Madness in the pet store


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Assign one pet to a group of two to four children. Example, if he is in your group 15 kids, assign a "dog. to three of them."”, three "cats”, three "birds” etc..

2. Let the little ones sit in a circle in any order. make sure, that there is some space between them.

3. if you want, choose a child, which will become the leader. Let the chosen baby call: “The customer wants to buy… city!”. (You can also do it yourself).

4. When the name of the animal is called up, kids, which the pet has been assigned to, they must go around the circle and go back to their place.

5. When the leader calls out: “The animals go crazy!”, all the animals get up and go around in a circle.

6. Continue this game, until all children have the opportunity to become leaders, or until the moment, when the little ones get bored.

What else can be done:

Use this fun as part of animal activities or shopping.

You can customize the game to your liking, substituting colors for animals, digits, figures etc..

Role play: Have one of the children play the role of a salesman, a few little ones in the family of clients, and the other children to any chosen pets. Encourage preschoolers to role-play. Example, the child client can pull on papa's sleeve and call out: Please, Dad, we have to buy a dog, to have someone to walk with!”. The other child may be emotional and talking: "No, I want a parrot. I'll teach her to speak”. The cat can approach the customers, purr and rub his head against mom's leg, and the dog can sit down and ask. When all the roles have been rehearsed, let the children play the role-play.

Group classes: Talk about pets and that, how to look after them.

Music: Sing a song about pets, for example, "Tinned crumbs”.