Collage fun

Collage fun


two large foam cubes
thin cardboard

materials for creating a collage What to do:

1. Make your own dice. On one large foam cube, mark the numbers from 1 into 6 and the corresponding number of dots. On the second cube, place pictures representing popular materials that can be used to create a collage, for example, sequins, Buttons, pieces of fabric, tissue paper, scraps of paper or pieces of sponge. Place one type of fabric on each side of the cube.

2. Play this game with 4-6 kids. Give each of the little ones a piece of cardboard and a bottle of glue.

3. Place your collage materials in the center of the table.

4. Will explain] children, that they will roll the dice and add the appropriate number of drawn materials. Example, if the number cube shows four stitches, and the cube with the materials will show the buttons, the child should stick four buttons to the cardboard.

5. Let the children take turns rolling the dice for a while, when all the little ones quit at least four times or get bored with the fun.

6. When the glue dries, arrange an exhibition of collages on the wall board. Title the exhibition: "The Number Collage”. Attach a piece of paper explaining the rules of the game.

What else can be done:
For older children, use normal dice; encourage children to add up the number of stitches and place the appropriate number of materials in the collage.