A hairy caterpillar

A hairy caterpillar


flexible magnetic strips (width approx 1,5 cm)
pompoms (diameter approx 2 cm)
plastic bowl
fabric covered wire, used e.g.. in flower shops (green, black or white)
white glue
plastic eyes with movable pupils (diameter 4 mm)

What should be done:

1. Potnij paski magnetyczne na kawałki długości 7,5 cm and distribute to the children.

Have the children remove the layer of protective paper.

2. Włóż do plastikowej miseczki żółte, Green, Orange, White, black, bright brown, light green, brown and purple pompoms.

3. Potnij pokryty materiałem drut na kawałki długości 5 cm and give them to the children (one by one).

4. Show malcom, how to bend the wire in half and at the ends, so that it resembles rolled antennae.

5. Ask the children, to place five drops of glue on each magnetic strip.

6. Have the little ones choose five pompoms of any color and attach them to the straps.

7. When the glue dries, have the children glue the caterpillar feelers to the back of the fifth pompom. Also fasten plastic eyes.

8. When the caterpillars are ready, stick them in the fridge, metal table or magnetic board.

What else can be done;

Plasticity: Encourage the children to paint the caterpillar on paper.

maths: Hook some tracks to the magnetic board and ask the children, to count them.

Science: Show the children pictures of different species of caterpillars and talk to the little ones about them.